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is to provide world class services and repairs, by well trained and experienced staff and management personnel with quality and integrity that is second to none.

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About Us

We are A Pro First collision repair shop certified by American Honda Motor Co. Inc to repair Honda's and Acura's. Of course we still work on all makes and models giving you a quality repair every time.

  • I-Car gold class certified.

We've gone green

Now using environmentally-friendly waterborne paint from PPG. We believe in preserving our future. That is why we choose environmentally friendly products, including high performance automotive refinish coatings, from PPG.

Reduces volatile

emissions by up to 80% Improves air quality for the work environment and the community Reduces hazardous waste Aligns closely with original manufacturer waterborne paint technology for superb color match Lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your vehicle


We offer a full range of automotive collision repair services.

Body Work

From panel replacements to panel repairs and everything in between. Specializing in collision repairs and insurance claims.

Frame Straightening

A bent frame or unibody isn't always the end. We straighten both back to within factory specifications when frame repairs are warranted.

Aluminum Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle manufacturers have been using aluminum parts for years. Some more than others. We've recently increased our aluminum repair capabilties to better serve our customers.

Spot Repair

Spot repairs can often save time and money, but isn't always an option. If you have a small scratch or dent bring your vehicle to our shop and we will glady let you know what options you have and give you a written estimate.

Local Pick-up & Drop-off

We can pick your driveable vehicle up for repairs, and bring it back when its done.


Hours 8:00-5:00 Mon-Fri

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up an Insurance claim?

Contact your insurance company and report the accident to begin the claims process. Tell them you want to have your repairs done at Volunteer Collision. Contact us direct and we will guide you through the process. We are Direct Repair with most Insurance Companies. This means we can make the process simple and quick for you.

2. Should I drive my car after an accident?

It really depends on the extent of your damage. If you have any lights out, or your car doesn't feel "quite right", or parts are rubbing on tires, give us a call and we can arrange towing. You may also request to have your vehicle towed to our shop direct from the accident scene. We can best determine your vehicles safety if you drop by our location.

3. Will the parts be ordered before I drop off my car?

Typically the parts are ordered once we determine that we have identified all damaged items. If your vehicle has the potential for hidden damage, then your parts will be ordered once it is dismantled and an accurate parts order can be created. If all damages are visible, then your parts can be ordered prior to your vehicle's arrival. We can get 98% of all parts for your car in less than 48 hours.

4. How is a vehicle determined a "total loss"?

Typically your insurance company determines the vehicle is a "total loss" when it feels that the repair costs will exceed the value of the vehicle.

5. How long will the repairs on my vehicle take?

Depending on the size of your repair and after a visual inspection of those repairs, we will be able to give you an estimation of time your vehicle will be at Volunteer Collision. We will do everything to repair your vehicle as safely and quickly as possible and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

6. Can I get a ride home when I drop off my car?

We can help with close local area drop-offs, but check your insurance policy for alternate transportation coverage that provide for a rental car. Most policies now have rental coverage. If you are unaware or time does not allow you to check, just provide us with your policy number and we would be more than happy to help.

8. Is there a warranty for the repairs to my vehicle?

Your vehicle's repairs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes, it is mandated by your insurance policy that you pay your deductible to the body shop at the completion of your repairs. If you are not at fault in your loss you will be compensated by your insurance directly. If you are not sure of liability on your claim, we can help in contacting the appropriate people for you.

10. What are betterment or depreciation charges?

These are charges determined by your insurance on parts that have a specific "lifetime" associated with them and are pro-rated based on the year and mileage of your vehicle. Examples of these parts are radiators, exhaust components, tires, and specific suspension parts to name a few. If your vehicle's repairs have parts that are depreciated you will need to pay that amount at the completion of the repair process.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

Volunteer Collision accepts insurance checks, bank or cashier checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Check Cards.